Siani safari

Sharm el Sheik – Dahab – St. Catharina – Wadi En-Hodra – Coloured Canyon – Dahab


Day 1

Individual arrival in Egypt, we can take care of the transfer from the airport in Sharm el Sheik (please call 69 640 228 upon arrival in Sharm el Sheik). After a welcome tea we will talk over the chosen route, special wishes will of course be considered.

Day 2

You will leave by car to St.Catharina, where you will climb Mount Moses. Here you will experience the fascinating panoramic view of the right on this historic mountain.

Day 3

Sunrise, with all its splendour, awakes you. After the descent, you will visit the St.Catharina monastery, where orthodox monks are still living. A short car ride,t hen transfer to camels for the ride to Ein Hodra, an oasis with a spectacular White canyon.

Day 4

A car ride will take you to the Coloured Canyon, a sight not to be missed. An amazing array of rock formation and colour dazzles your senses.

Day 5

A drive back to Dahab, with a stop for swimming and snorkeling.


EUR 310.00 per person (1 – 2 people)
EUR 240.00 pro Person (3 and more people)

General information

  • We have organised the tours with the help of a team of local Beduin, who have extensive knowledge of the surrounding desert.
  • Please consider:in the desert there is no hurry and no stress, a relaxed pace is assured.
  • Robuste shoes, headgear, sun protection, sleeping bag and seasonal clothing are a must in the desert
  • Also required: a sense of humour, fun and flexibility.

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