Camel tour (5 days)

Dahab – Wadi-Sahara – Wadi Haman – Bir Safra – Bir Muzzena – Wadi-Hathie – Wadi el Saad – Feranje


Day 1

You will rise early for a 6hr journey by camel, through stunning desert, with regular stops for rest and photographs, to arrive at Wadi-Sahara. Here you will spend the first night.

Day 2

After breakfast you take the camels to Wadi Hamam, an oasis known for its variety of plant life. Here there is a chance to explore the surroundings or just relax. By camel, on to Bir Safra for the second night stay.

Day 3

Again with camels, on to Bir Muzzena, a Beduin village in the depth of the mountains, where there is one of the first wells in the Sinai.

Day 4

Wadi – Hathie is the place for the next visit, a very traditional Beduin village. From there to a narrow oasis, famous for its vegetation, Wadi el Saad.

Day 5

A short camel ride takes you to Feranje, a small settlement. Here you will really appreciate the simple life. Return to Dahab is by Jeep, however it is possible to return by camel. This should be mentioned when booking and will affect the cost slightly.


EUR 320.00 per person (1 – 2 people)
EUR 260.00 pro Person (3 and more people)

Included are food, camel and the taxi ride from Feranje to Dahab.

General information

  • We have organised the tours with the help of a team of local Beduin, who have extensive knowledge of the surrounding desert.
  • Please consider:in the desert there is no hurry and no stress, a relaxed pace is assured.
  • Robuste shoes, headgear, sun protection, sleeping bag and seasonal clothing are a must in the desert
  • Also required: a sense of humour, fun and flexibility.

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