The Sinai desert offer a fascinating landscape and an insight into the simple and traditional life of the Beduins. In order to not molest the splendid countryside and the interesting life of the Beduins too much, we travel in small groups of not more than 6 people. The trips (see description) can be book from 2 peoples. The route will be explained in details to you and on request we can also offer individuall tours. Please note that in your booking.

We do our best to arrange your safari as a unique experience. The tours are assembled to meet in individual needs. Although there are general programmes set for the safaris, we take into account personal wishes and ideas.

We offer 4 Desert dafari, with Camels, Jeep or In an combination. They are presented on seperated pages, just click on the links in order to get to them. Please read also the following general information.

Also we can organize trips to national parks like Nabq, Ras Mohammed and ras Abou Galum as well as to adventure spots like Wadi Gnei, Coloreud Caynon or with caynon.

Boat Safaris to several snorkelspots, and trips to Mosesmountain and St.Catharina.

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