The exciting mix of a multicultural population, the traditional life of the local Muzzena Bedouins and the relaxed atmosphere in Dahab invites you to relax and enjoy pure holidays.

Dahab offers a wide range of activities on land as well as on water. You can go on safari, diving, biking, hiking, climbing, swimming, snorkeling, windsurfing or boat trips. You can also just relax and enjoy nature.

Dahab is as diverse as the people who visit us.

Local infos

Luggage and Dive Equipment

If you are a diver or surfer you maybe want to bring your own equipment. Please remember that air lines usually allow only 20 kg luggage. Most air lines allow additionally 30 kg sport luggage if you let them know in time that you want to bring it. Best is to give them notice when you book your flight and pack it separately. Important: don’t forget to remove the batteries from your dive lamp.
Most things you can buy in Dahab. But don’t forget to bring the following important things:

  • sun glasses
  • hat
  • sun cream
  • protection for mosquitoes
  • warm clothes for cooler evenings in the winter


On www.kayak.com you can find cheap flights to Sharm el Sheikh or Kairo.

Visa & Documents

On the flight you will get arrival cards for visa application. Please have a pen ready. Also when you leave the country you will have to fill out a departure card. It’s possible to get a visa from the Egyptian embassy in your home country, but it’s easier to apply for it on your arrival at the air port. Go to one of the small bank offices and buy the necessary 2 stamps for ca. 15,- US$. Stick them into your passport. The passport has to be valid for another 6 months. With this “All Egypt” visa you can travel through Egypt. If you plan to stay only in Dahab, you can ask for a “SINAI ONLY” visa. For this you don’t need to buy the stamps. This visa is for free. Please write “SINAI ONLY” on your arrival card. If you change your mind later and want to travel in Egypt it’s very difficult to switch from “SINAI ONLY” to “All Egypt” visa. So be sure, which visa you prefer.


It’s strongly recommended to have a travel insurance. When you plan to dive or go horse riding make sure, that your insurance covers this activities too. Special dive insurance are offered by www.padi.com or www.daneurope.org.


At the moment no special vaccinations are obligated in Egypt. It’s recommended to have vaccinations for Polio, Hepatitis A and Tetanus.


Mobile phones work from nearly everywhere in Dahab. Many restaurants and diving bases are offering free wifi.


US$, Euro and English pounds can be changed in all banks. The banks are open 9am to 2pm and from 5pm to 10pm. The current conversion rate can be found here:


Cash dispenser

There are several cash dispenser In Dahab. There you can get cash money from your Visa, Master (Euro card), Maestro, EC- or Cirrus Card.

Country rules

Please respect the Egyptian traditions and rules. Women should not be dressed too sexy.It’s recommended to cover shoulders and knees. Even the tourism gets more and more in Dahab, most Egyptians and Bedouins quality this a bad behavior.


In 2004 about 8,1 Million Tourists traveled without problems in Egypt. Compared to European countries the criminality rate is low. The Tourist police is every visible. They speak English and are helpful with any kind of problem.


In case of emergency you will find doctors, dentists, a physiotherapist and a hospital in Dahab. As well there are many pharmacies and if you fall ill we will call a doctor to the house.

Divers should have a dive insurance, so in case of a DCI they can be treated in a decompression chamber for free. (For this have a look at www.daneurope.org).

Important: to avoid dehydration drink 2-3 liters of water every day.


Since 2005 we have a big super market in Dahab with fresh products and things from Europe. Beside that you will find numerous small souvenir shops with water pipes, cloths, spices and leather ware.


In Dahab you find a hot and dry desert climate with temperatures up over 40°C in the summer. In the cooler winter months January and February the air temperatures can go under 15°C at night, just to rise the next day – with sun and blue sky – again up to 25°C.
Dahab is nice to visit the whole year round. the best months for a visit are March, April, May and September, October and November as well as Christmas and New Year.



Light cotton ware is best. From Christmas to the end of February we recommend a jacket or a jumper for the evening.

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